Start Up Assistance

Start Up Assistance

Why this would be for you:

You’ve finally committed to your dream, your passion and are ready to start your floral journey, a journey that even after 30 years I still love, and hope you will too. This Module is for you, and something i wish i had access to all those years ago. Someone to help with location scouting for you business, suppliers, shop layout, display and merchandising, branding and social media, product line to grand opening.


This session is suitable for you if you have committed to opening your own floral business whether it be a retail shop front, online or home based studio and can assist with:

  • Taking the stress out of finding a perfect location.
  • Remove the worry about what suppliers to use.
  • Give you confidence in the product line you are offering and be assured that it aligns with your brand.
  • Give you that go-to person to help with the huge step of just starting.
  • Refreshing your skills before your grand opening
  • Ways to approach your ideal customer before the opening.
  • Having advice and a helping hand at your first market run.

This module is completely customised for your needs and where you are at with the initial start up of your business and can be delivered over a period of Skype, face to face sessions or onsite visits if required

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