retail merchandising & display

Retail Merchandising & Display

Why this would be for you:

Display, merchandising and the overall flow of your retail store can directly effect sales both for the better and worse and a few helpful tips and in store review might be just what you need to attract your ideal customers and set you apart from your competition. And lets face it once they step foot in the door it’s your fabulous customer service and product that will have them returning for more.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to best utilise your limited space in sales and display area as well as workspace for more efficient flow and to minimise those dead corner areas.
  • How to make sure your display clearly reflect your brand and are cohesive to the image of your store.
  • Learn elements and principles of design crucial for effective front window display and small or larger in store display areas
  • Calendar of Display ideas that will work specifically for your store and clientele.
  • Adjust your in store displays to ‘tell a story’ and create dynamic window displays that clearly convey your brand and style.

This topic is best delivered onsite as a half-day or full-day session depending on the level of training required.

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