How you can work with me:

One : One Customised Mentoring & Training

I believe every business is as individual as you are!

The issues you face, the support you need, your goals are uniquely your own,  as should be your mentoring package.

During our initial discovery call, I can advise which of my tailor-made mentoring packages will best suit your specific needs and goals.

Exclusive Small Group Mentoring & Training

An exclusive opportunity to learn with like minded peers from myself and expert special guests, this mentoring program will give you the tools and transformation you and your business needs to flourish.

This is unique, personalised mentoring tailor-made for you in a way that directly addresses the issues that are uniquely yours and our content will evolve as YOU need it to.

One : One Customised Mentoring & Training

 Your Budding Business

Are you at that exciting but also overwhelming early stage of your business, whether you’re in the planning & launch mode?

Or are you a  year or 2 in & feel like your business has plateaued &  maybe you’re not sure how to grow ?

Your Budding Business package is designed to create a strong foundation, build momentum in a shorter delivery, & support you to find clarity & feel inspired and empowered to really get going and finally turn those dreams into creative reality.

From mindset, personal values & goals, setting boundaries, upskilling your practical design, marketing, systems & processes, exploring new revenue streams & more. The content delivered over this 8-week period is designed specifically to address where you most need support with actionable steps to feel empowered to take yourself & your business to the next level with confidence.


  • 2 months mentoring
  • 4 x 2-hour online sessions fortnightly = 8 hours
  • email support
  • resources and templates where required
  • payment plan available

Your Blooming Business

Love the business you’ve created but feeling overwhelmed by how hard you’re having to work to keep things going?

Know you’d like to expand, pivot, or even downsize but are just not sure how?

Designed to delve deep into your existing business, review your current business model & strengthen those foundations so you can grow in a sustainable way.

Whether it be staffing and management issues, up-leveling your business to attract your ideal clients, upskilling yourself and /or staff to reflect the current design trends you’d like to be offering, re-branding, or pivoting into a new area of the industry, this longer-term delivery will offer you ongoing support to make real lasting changes in your business so you can evolve and thrive.

Blooming Package:

  • 4 months mentoring
  • 6 x 2 hour online sessions = 12 hours
  • email support
  • resources where required
  • payment plan available

Flower Bud

The Flower Bud package offers you the option of on-call help when you need it. Whether it be a spontaneous  ‘I’m overwhelmed’ moment or scheduled regular calls that allow me to partner with you and give you someone to keep you accountable. Someone who not only has 30 + years in the industry but who knows you and your business goals.

Essentially my Flower Bud Sessions are for  those times that you just need a mentor or confidant to bounce some ideas, brainstorm strategies, or when you want an honest reply to “what do you think of…”

* please note, this package is available to my past clients & mentees

2 hr sessions

My mentoring style is intuitive & holistic with the content customised for your specific needs so although we may cover the topics listed below they are delivered in a way that supports you & where you are in your mindset and business.

Nadine x

You will learn:

Start Up assistance and advice

Time Management & Overwhelm

Sustainable floristry practices & design

Marketing & Branding

Staff & Team Management

Goal Setting & Strategies

Revenue Streams & Growth

Business Structure Review

Mindset & Non-Negotiables

Practical Training & Up-skilling

Group Mentoring Program

After many requests for an affordable and ongoing form of coaching & mentoring for business owners, florists, floral stylists, holiday property owners, and flower growers this supportive community-focused, intimate group format & longer-term option has been designed specifically for you.

With this offering, I’m creating a like-minded floral flock. Providing advice with years of experience in the industry that will give you 12 weeks of mentoring & support, introduce you to expert special guests & access to a library of resources

This is NOT a course!

No two business models are the same in floristry and neither are your issues, concerns, and goals. This IS personalised mentoring created for you in a tailor-made way to directly address the issues that are uniquely yours and our content will evolve as YOU need it to.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Business Plans / Goal Setting
  • Pricing / Quoting / Proposals
  • Journaling / Mindset
  • Social Media / Branding / Marketing
  • Your numbers and back end processes
  • Transitioning into a sustainable business 
  • Techniques / Design / Finding Your Style
  • Networking / Client Experience / Attracting your ideal client
    and More!



3 months via online group sessions

2-hour x 1:1 personal session

online group & email access

Personalised Journal

Nadine’s passion for floristry, creativity and sustainability was evident from the moment I met her.  This, combined with her natural flair for teaching in a simple yet engaging way, where she generously shared her extensive knowledge of techniques and resources, gave me the confidence and skills to create beautiful memorable spaces.  Every lesson with Nadine brings new ideas, an ever increasing collection of techniques that I use to add unique and special touches to our guests’ experiences, all the while confident in the knowledge that I have been taught by one of the best in the industry. 


Mentoring and Coaching with Nadine

20 Min Discovery Call

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Not sure which package would suit?

Book your free 20 min discovery call and let’s start a conversation. On the discovery call I can learn more about your business and understand exactly how I can help, mapping out a road map for you and offer you the clarity and direction you are seeking.

Wild About Flora Membership

Join the Wild About Flora Membership, doors reopen again until Autumn 22  

  • Monthly video tutorials with comprehensive design notes
  • Access to our extensive library of over 50 tutorials
  • Q & A’s and coaching sessions
  • Bonus material only offered to my members
  • Review sessions monthly
  • Access to our online group

Wild About Flora - Doors reopen September 22

The doors to this very special online space of ongoing learning, coaching, inspiration, earth-conscious design & community only open TWICE A YEAR.

The autumn intake is now closed & doors will reopen in September


Wild About Flora Tutorial
Wild About Flora Tutorial

This would have to be one of the most beautiful vase arrangements I have ever seen, and to witness it becoming the piece it did was so mesmerizing. I particularly loved the golden nuggets of guidance in there about fluted vases being more forgiving and creating ‘Hey, you’ moments for certain flora. Thank you Nadine!


Wild About Flora Member

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Acknowledgement of Country by Jonathan Hill, a poet living in NSW
Today we stand in footsteps millennia old. May we acknowledge the traditional owners whose cultures and customs have nurtured, and continue to nurture, this land, since men and women awoke from the great dream.  We honour the presence of these ancestors who reside in the imagination of this landand whose irrepressible spirituality flows through all creation. 

Wild Flora Studio pays respect to the Dharawal, Gundangurra and Darug Nations on whose land we live and work.

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