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I'm here to be your Flower Bud

How are you feeling in your business?

Do you wish you had someone you could reach out to talk about all things flowers and bounce ideas with?         Someone to guide you, teach you that new technique or design your clients are asking for?     Maybe just someone to keep you accountable –  help you keep on track & reach those awesome goals.

A Flower Bud

Whether it’s a one-off session or ongoing 3 monthly check-in’s The Flower Bud sessions are tailor-made for your business and can include business review, consulting, mentoring, clarity plan, or a mix of any of the above.

Whatever it is you need, allow me to be that buddy you can reach out to, to help you & your business to Bloom!

This is a jam-packed 3-hour session –  $650

Delivery is Online ZOOM session

Sound like a plan?


Let us together create a business that feels aligned with your core values & goals

I wish I had a business FLOWER BUDdy when I first started out. It would have saved me a lot of time &  money but more than that – I wouldn’t have felt like I was going it alone.

Lucky for you I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my 25 + years running my own floristy businesses – 3 different business models…. & still passionate about this industry.

After years of formal teaching I am now offering exclusive one on one mentoring, training & coaching sessions as well as longer term mentoring groups to support you and help you create a business that feels aligned with your soul and business goals. I’m right here to help you create your own personal road map.

Your business, your way

Create the space to allow you and your business to blossom

You’re a nature lover, passionate about designing with botanicals, the joy it brings your clients, yourself.  You love to share this connection back to nature with all who receive your designs but also want to be able to create a financially sustainable business for yourself.

You most likley have a busy creative mind and get a little overwhelmed at times but ….you don’t need to go it alone or re-invent the wheel. Just by being you already your business is unique. Let’s together find clarity and set some systems in place to help you:

  • Learn about Eco design and ways to create a more sustainable business
  • With staff training and up-skilling
  • Actually take the step! with start up guidance & ongoing support
  • Create a floral business model that feels aligned to your personal goals and ethos.
  • Business review and clarity plan
  • Feel inspired & empowered in your business again!


Start Ups, New Florists & Creatives

I’m here to help you join me in this beautiful industry, we will cover any or all of the following:


  • How do I start?
  • What do i charge?
  • What do i need to consider with shop layout?
  • Can i do this from home?
  • How do i start my business in a sustainable way?
  • How do i market my business?
  • I need help defining my services
  • How do i set goals and a plan?
  • I would like my designs to be foam free
  • I’m not sure my social media represents my business
  • I need direction and CLARITY!

Florists & Business Owners

What an exciting place to be in your business! We will cover any or all of the following:


  • I’d like to learn about eco design and be more sustainable in my buisness
  • I’m working crazy hours and not getting rewarded for it
  • I’m having problems with my staff
  • How do I increase my brand awareness?
  • How do I refine my quoting process?
  • I’d like to improve my customer experience
  • I don’t think I’m charging enough.
  • I need help managing my staff
  • Help with time management for weddings and events
  • Business revew
  • I need direction and CLARITY!


Simply call me for an obligation free – 20 min discovery call or email me to see how we can work together and what will be the best option for your business.

Delivery can be face to face 1:1 sessions in my Ivy Glasshouse Studio, Online sessions from the comfort of your home or like me to come to you? you bet cover my travel and I’m there!

 I completely understand the huge leap it is to invest in yourself and your business and it is 100% my goal that the investment you make is returned to you immediately in revenue, peace of mind and clarity for your business moving forward.

I want to see you BLOOM!!,

To flourish in whatever area of the industry you choose. After years of helping and mentoring students, staff and workshop attendees, being a part of realising their dream it would be my pleasure to help you too. With an honest approach and a true love of this nature loving industry, I’m passionate in sharing all I know so that you are finally living your dream.

Once a Client, Always a Client

After the initial coaching package, I offer my 2 & 3 hr FLOWER BUD support sessions seasonally to ensure that you are on track and you’re achieving your goals.

I’m cheering you on from the sidelines!

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