Eco and Sustainable Floristry – 

What this means to me


It has always amazed me, and even more so now, that with the growing awareness of environmental concerns of our mother earth and the negative effect we have on her that as an industry we have been so slow to take a more conscious approach to our design & business practices.


Yes, I have also been guilty of this, I have had a busy retail shop, 25 years of weddings and events and many years a teacher and yes I used foam, didn’t quite recycle as efficiently as I could & didn’t always know where my product was coming from & how it was produced, but it is with a pure love of nature and a deep curiosity that leads to educating ones self and in turn leads to change.

#NOFLORALFOAM – Now I hope you are curious and are listening to this growing #nofloralfoam conversation, so let’s talk education. Here are some very informative articles on the subject and well worth a read as there is so little accurate information available on the boxes of this horrible plastic. I mean here we are using our skills and knowledge of floristry design to showcase our flowers and foliage’s and displaying them in a toxic plastic/foam block that the receiver has no idea of how to dispose of. The fact is that foam is a micro plastic that NEVER breaks down, is NON BIODEGRADABLE and almost always ends up in water down the sink to our oceans or in landfill.

Alarmingly recent studies from the RMIT University Australia have shown that micro organisms are indeed being effected by floral foam & the toxicity that it leaches into the water & sadly the bio foam chemicals were shown to be even worse! as shown by this image here from the research – the green is floral foam!


So what now? If not foam then what?……..


Let’s not wait until there is an alternative product, let’s innovate, create, after all that is who we are as florists, designers, floral engineers. But this essentially isn’t innovation as it really wasn’t that long ago that floral foam didn’t exist, actually my first boss [30 years ago] was a wonderful artist who had never used foam and was always showing us ways to construct stable and supported designs using chicken wire..


Designing with awareness of our planet, of the very nature we adore to showcase every day. This is creating with purpose!


My own ethics and philosophy does not need to be your own. And to be completely honest to design and create #nofloralfoam has been the most freeing shift in my career as a florist. It’s a work in progress for sure but one I’m excited about exploring to continue to be curious about alternative techniques and one that i am passionate about sharing with you all.



Curiosity leads to conversation 

Conversation to education

Education to awareness

Awareness  to change
Change is growth, innovation and creation with purpose


SUSTAINABILITY……doesn’t just mean not using floral foam or single use plastics.

REUSE – REDUCE – RECYCLE – there are so many ways to be more aware and recycle within our businesses. Using plastic sleeves for packing, washing and reusing water viles, wrapping in papers and non-plastic ribbons, and so much more, but these are things you already know.


SLOW FLOWER/SLOW GROWING MOVEMENT……this is simply a return to honouring the seasons, there is a reason certain flowers bloom in a particular season, that foliage’s change colours and evolve throughout the year, and this is one of my greatest joys as a florist to know that we are just about to hit Waratah season or Tulip season., the shop filled with the fragrance of tuberose even if just for a brief few weeks of the year. This is what keeps us in line and connected to the flow that is nature!

Supporting the local growers who work so hard within this flow of the seasons to make sure they have the most amazing product ready for me to use, basically makes me feel good. Buying local also Reduces our impact on the planet with the foot print that imported flowers leave, those poor blooms arriving jetlagged and full of chemicals, blooms of usually less quality for more cost that have reduced vase life for our customer….I mean really where’s the benefit? I just don’t see it!


Let’s educate our customers into being more connected to the seasons too and celebrating that fleeting beauty.



This conversation is not going anywhere, the public will soon be requesting change, and it will be the florists who can see forward, take the time to educate themselves and their clients that will thrive financially and ethically. Weddings, large scale designs, casket sprays, wreaths, I am yet to find a design now that actually needs foam to construct and last well.


Successful Eco Friendly and sustainable design is about confidence in your knowledge of materials, a true understanding of design and mechanics. I invite you to just take the time to educate yourself and then whatever your decision may be it will be one that is designing with AWARENESS AND PURPOSE. 

Be Always Blooming

Nadine x

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