Design & Techniques Training

Design & Techniques Training

Why this would be for you:

We work in a creative, progressive and dynamic industry but all too often I see florists going down the easy road of doing the same style, using the same flowers year after year and wondering why they aren’t growing their client base or not booking those weddings and events anymore. If you’re not taking the time and energy to improve your design skills and techniques, it’s quite simple……your are LOSING MONEY! 

  • Are you loosing brides and event clients due to lack of training in certain on trend designs?
  • Would you or your staff benefit from a re-fresher and build confidence in certain techniques without having to go back to formal study?
  • Would you or your staff like to schedule regular 1:1 training sessions in your own studio as design trends become popular to make sure you are staying up to date and current with your clients needs?
  • Do you find yourself thinking ‘how did they create that?’ when looking through the socials?

These sessions are completely custom made to suit your needs and requirements and can be:

  • Simple day to day techniques that you just don’t have the time to teach your staff.
  • On trend large installation pieces to up-skill staff and build confidence to attract a new clientele.
  • Specific designs that you’re not quite sure how to create quickly and efficiently for a particular venue or client.
  • A regular series of sessions if you don’t have the time to return to formal study, learn the styles you actually need in your business.

These sessions can be designed as a one off delivery either half day or full day, as a scheduled series of sessions over a period of months or as required. Delivered in your studio, flowers supplied by the owner or can also be held as a Masterclass in my Wild Flora Studio.

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