Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Why this would be for you:

A variety of corporate clients is crucial to the longevity and profitability of a floral design business for many reasons. Firstly corporate clients are usually a pre-order client, meaning you have an idea of designs required and when, well in advance which allows for specific purchasing and a very helpful pre planned element to your business, your bread and butter clients. Corporate clients also offer networking opportunities within their own employee and client database that often leads to more work within that area. As these clients are professionals in their own field they expect a certain level of product and customer service, getting this right can be the difference of having just a couple of office designs to do each week to having a healthy and much sort after Corporate portfolio of regular and loyal customers that become your best supporters. Approaching these professional clients, creating proposals and building up this client base can be challenging but one worth educating yourself to do well.

In this session you and your staff will learn:

  • Strategies to build a strong corporate client base
  • How to put client proposals together for a specific client and how to present these proposals.
  • Costing and quoting for corporates.
  • Creative ways to ‘go the extra mile’ with your corporate clients to leverage the large network they also have.
  • Networking ideas to build better relationships with your professional clients.

This module can be delivered via 1 or more Skype sessions, best for owner or manager of the business, no-onsite consult needed.

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