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Small business can be challenging. You work hard, you work long hours and even when your doors are ‘closed’ your mind is still ticking over with ideas, responsibilities, to do lists and that never even marketing plan! Sound familiar?

With over  25 years running my own businesses and teaching, I am now offering exclusive one on one mentoring and business consulting to help support you in your business development.

Allow me to help create space in your business so you make room for ideas and creativity again.

I was lucky to be a student of Nadine for two years and even though I attended her classes with a love for florals, I lacked what florists need the most – confidence and skills.

Nadine didn’t just teach me the average skills for floristry, she went beyond her job by personally teaching me her unique ways and the tricks of the trade. 

I got my first ever job offer at a small cafe to be their in house florist and whilst I was apprehensive about taking on the job as I lacked the confidence still being a florist student, Nadine pushed me and helped me with every step from giving me interview advice, how to land the job and taught me ways to use it to my advantage and pave my way in the florist industry. 

Within the year not only did I start getting larger scale job offers, but I became a small business owner, Just My Pretty Florals.

Nadine’s passion for nature is so inspiring. Her unique and every growing success has never stopped her from constantly supporting me and overlooking my work. 

Four years later she still gives me advice and I still refer back to her for anything floral related. 

I’m forever grateful for everything you have taught me Nadine, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!


Just My Pretty Florals

Let the light shine in

A business roadmap built just for you & your needs

I wish I had a business road map when I first started out. It would have saved me a lot of time and money, but more than that – it would have helped me serve my customers better.

Lucky for you I’ve made plenty of mistakes that I learnt from in my 30 years+ of running my own floristy and wedding event company!

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Just by being you already your business is unique. Let’s together set some systems in place to help you:

  • Serve your customers better
  • Create a unique and exciting offering
  • Have fun in your business again!

A word on Wild Flora Studios

Opportunities are endless

Wild Flora Studio is committed to raising the awareness of ethical business practices within the floristry industry in Australia. Starting local and through the promotion of using the abundant natural resources we have at our fingertips from local growers and the grass roots approach of providing a gorgeous retail setting with authentic customer service, (and even cross-pollination with other businesses), Nadine can assist in propelling your business towards the delightful, abundant business of your dreams.

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