Hi, I’m Nadine, founder of Wild Flora Studio.

I thought that after 30 years in the floral industry, it was time to update my online space!

But this online space is not just a website for me to ‘sell my wares’.

It’s a space to create a supportive hub for like-minded creatives and floral lovers like you.

It’s a space to help you make your floral dreams a reality when you commit to the one you love; a space to share my knowledge and skills in a beautiful setting and communal floral table of connection; a space for my thoughts and dreams and some of my favourite things.

And a space for you to do the same.

This is an online space for my authentic self to be expressed and to help you express your own. It is to help you begin your amazing floral journey or flourish in the one you are on with support, guidance and a healthy, constructive view if needed.

It’s a space for me to encourage better eco and sustainable practices for this creative, nature loving industry, to design with awareness and purpose. To share my love of the language of flowers and help translate your flower selection to be with intention in a way that speaks to you.

30 years in the industry as a retail business owner, wedding specialist, home based studio, qualified teacher and self-confessed eco-recycling gaia lover has finally lead me to this place. I’m excited about all the mystery and opportunity that lies ahead.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

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Thirlmere, NSW


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