1:1 Masterclasses and In Studio sessions

1:1 Masterclasses and In Studio session

Sharing my passion for florals, botanicals and nature has been apart of my career since the very beginning where I held dried flower workshops in the office space above my shop back in the 90’s, training and mentoring staff for the 10 years of my retail florist business and later in the wedding and events business. Teaching then became my main focus as a Qualified TAFE teacher of Commercial floristry for the past 17 years.

And now today, after renovating a rustic Ivy covered shed on our property, I know affectionately as the ‘Ivy Glasshouse Studio’. This is my actual working space where I create for brides/grooms, custom make designs & installations and generally just chill out and get inspired.

In 2019 I have decided to open up this space for a limited number of  sessions  with  4 week – Learn Floristry design basics  in Autumn and Spring { the most beautiful time of the year in the studio}. 1:1 personalised Floristry skill training and Master classes, bookings are either by invitation or appointment only up to a maximum of 6 learners in the studio at any 1 time so an intimate learning experience is guaranteed.  

This time can be combined with Industry training and support and allows for an ‘off-site’ space for you and/or your team to learn new skills or work through business issues with a face to face consult option if that is preferred.

Please see drop down list of available classes currently or please get in touch below for a custom made training proposal and session.


Curiosity leads to conversation 

Conversation to education

Education to awareness

Awareness  to change
Change is growth, innovation and creation with purpose


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